Nutritionist named the best time for breakfast

A person should eat breakfast within an hour and a half after waking up, said Ph.D., dietitian, associate professor of medical school

“Breakfast should give you energy for movement, for brain activity, so that sleepiness goes away. That’s not just what a shower is for, but also what breakfast is for. A light breakfast in bed is also nothing bad, as long as it’s not a heavy-dense breakfast with first, second, third and dessert.”

According to him, one should try to eat every day at about the same time, the difference of half an hour will not play a special role.

Bobrovsky stressed that one can deviate from the rules at the weekend, the main thing is to stick to the schedule for the other days of the week. The nutritionist explained that the digestive and nervous systems adapt to eating at a certain time, and this allows a person to be satiated with an adequate amount of food.

He warned that a lack of desire to eat in the morning may indicate an eating disorder. As Bobrowski noted, starting the day without breakfast turns into evening and nighttime overeating.

“Therefore, if a person is overweight and does not want to eat anything in the morning and overeats in the evening or at night, the unequivocal recommendation is to eat breakfast through ‘can’t’ and through ‘don’t want to,'” the doctor recommended.

Bobrovsky also said that if a person is not overweight or has other eating disorders, then starting the day without breakfast is quite acceptable, if such a regime has been formed.