NYC Park for burial – Coronavirus victims’ temporary interment

Mark Levine, chairman of the New York City Council’s health committee, said city officials are considering holding group graves of coronavirus victims in city parks in case of emergency. He wrote about it on his Twitter account on Monday, April 6.

The American official noted that if this method of interment is approved, it will be a “temporary interment”.

“Soon we will begin the “temporary burial.” It will probably be done with the New York City funeral park (yes, you read it correctly). The trenches will be dug 10 graves in a row. It will be done in a dignified, orderly and temporary manner. But it will be difficult for New Yorkers,” wrote Levin.

According to the Daily Mail, it’s not clear from the official’s position what temporary burial means. It is not known whether it will be an urgent measure and if the death rate in the city, the bodies of victims of coronavirus, which may be buried in parks, will remain in common graves or after the end of the pandemic, they will be exhumed and committed to the ground one by one.

According to the publication, at the moment the number of deaths in the city already exceeds 2 thousand people and a surge in mortality is expected soon. Home-made morgues have been organized throughout the city, where bodies are stored in refrigerated trailers outside hospitals, as medical facilities are already overcrowded.