NYPD has promised “zero tolerance” for rioters

New York City police have promised zero tolerance for those who attempt to use peaceful protests to escalate violence or looting. This was stated by Terence Monahan, head of the US metropolitan police department, on Fox News.

He noted that no major incidents have been reported in the city at the moment and such incidents are not expected during the day.

According to him, thousands of additional police officers will still be ready in New York City on the night of November 4.

“But I would appeal to anyone who wants to cause violence and pogroms – don’t even try. We know who you are. And you will be arrested,” Monahan stressed.

In turn, the head of the city’s patrol service Juanita Holmes promised “zero tolerance” for looters.

“The difference between what happened in the summer and now is that we do not need to call in additional officers. They are all already deployed. People will be arrested if they destroy property, rob stores. If they attack someone, they will be arrested,” said Holmes.