Obama talks about daughters’ participation in protests over Floyd’s death

The daughters of America’s 44th President Barack Obama participated in the protests that were organized by the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States following the death of African-American George Floyd. Obama said so in an interview with CNN that aired Tuesday, June 8.

During the conversation, the former White House leader said he always worried about the physical safety of his daughters Sasha and Malia. According to Obama, the girls “have a keen sense of right and wrong.”

The former president is confident that his daughters and many of their peers are “interested not just in making a fuss” but in “changing the system.” The girls are currently students.

On May 25, 2020, Floyd died in intensive care in the city of Minneapolis after being violently detained by police. He complained to officers that he could not breathe. The man’s death sparked mass protests and riots not only in the United States, but also in Europe.

In the summer of that year, the Democratic Party of the United States submitted a bill to Congress on a major reform of the police. The document proposes limiting the police’s authority to use force, banning chokeholds, and allocating funds for independent investigations of police actions.

This year, on the anniversary of Floyd’s death on May 25, his family was received by U.S. President Joe Biden. After the meeting, relatives said the meeting with the head of state went well. George’s brother called Biden “a genuine man who speaks from the heart.”