Obstacle course: coronavirus has not prevented Paris Fashion Week

In France, the number of people suffering from COVID-19 is growing, and 130 people have already been diagnosed with the infection. Against this background, the authorities are canceling mass events – for example, the traditional Livre Paris book fair will not take place. Spring Fashion Week in Paris still managed to be held before the quarantine events.

The Dior show, held a day after Harvey Weinstein’s sentence, was literally held under the slogans “Consent”, “Women’s love is free labor”, “When women strike, the world stops”.

Japanese brand Anrealage (designer Kunihiko Morinaga) showed “block” fashion, with an emphasis on red shades and overside silhouettes.

Vivienne Westwood, Patriarch of British Fashion, showed “gypsy chic” and Bella Hadid in the bride’s dress with an open bodice, reminiscent of the outfits of medieval Italian courtesans at the Paris City Hall.