Official representative of Russian MFA called Macron’s call to support demonstrations in Belarus hypocritical

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Monday, August 17, found the call by French President Emmanuel Macron to support demonstrations in Belarus hypocritical.

The day before Makron posted the following post on his Twitter: “The European Union should continue to mobilize together with hundreds of thousands of Belarusians, peacefully demonstrating respect for their rights, freedom and sovereignty.

Zakharova wondered on her Facebook page when Makron would ask the EU to continue mobilization along with hundreds of thousands of “yellow vests,” which are also fighting for their rights.

The “yellow vests” movement mentioned by the diplomat emerged in France in late 2018 to protest against rising taxes and prices. After the protests, the demonstrators accused the State leadership of insufficient measures to combat poverty and poor governance. The authorities were trying to suppress those protests, including by using water cannons and tear gas.

“When, then, will the European Union stop waiting for the presidents of its member countries to ask and begin to proactively mobilize in support of protests in its space? Hypocrisy as it is,” she wrote.

Since August 9, protests over the results of the presidential elections have been going on in Belarus. People take to the streets and thus express their disagreement with the results presented by the Central Election Commission, according to which the winner was the current head of state Alexander Lukashenko.