Officially: Robert Pattinson returned to the shooting of Batman

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34-year-old Robert Pattinson plays the leading role in the new part of “Batman”. Filming of the film had to be postponed and postponed several times. At first, the beginning of the pandemic prevented, and after the coronavirus fell ill one of the actors. The media reported that this man was Pattinson. However, neither the director nor official representatives of Warner Bros. company confirmed this information.

Now work on the film has been resumed again. Paparazzi managed to capture Robert, who plays the main character Bruce Wayne, during the shooting of the funeral scene. The details of the plot are not yet disclosed by the producers of the film. The actor wore a black suit and looked very depressed. The shooting itself took place in St. George’s Square in Liverpool.

Also recently it became known that despite the resumed filming process, the premiere of the film was postponed anyway. The painting will be released not in the autumn of 2021, and in the spring of 2022.