On July 19, the world can expect either a stock market crash or atomic war

On September 25, 2014, the Vale Wood Farms show in Loretto, Pennsylvania, featured a very strange calf that displayed the very obvious number 7 on its head

The calf was named “Baby Ben,” and a bunch of news stories were devoted to it, during which it was revealed that Ben had a twin brother born in Texas on the same day

America is a very religious country, and almost all Americans know the story about Pharaoh, who saw seven cows in his sleep and interpreted Joseph’s dream. As a consequence, many rabbis and pastors became animated after the news, reaching out to the media and pointing out that the strange news itself also appeared on the day of the 2014 shmita.

A shmita in the Jewish calendar is a sort of “Sabbath stretched over a year,” that is, a year in which farmers drop all their chores and let the fields gain strength. The Schmith calendar for the near future looks as follows:

  • 5775 (Sept. 25, 2014-Sept. 13, 2015)
  • 5782 (September 7, 2021 – September 25, 2022)
  • 5789 (September 21, 2028 – September 9, 2029)

Based on this calendar, pastors and rabbis have predicted that the cow case is most likely mystical and America should expect, like Pharaoh, seven years of prosperity first, followed by seven years of hardship, perhaps even famine. Naturally, the atheists laughed at the dark medieval fools, but seven years have passed and… now everyone is laughing, prices are going up like clockwork and everything indicates that in the spring of 2022 there may be no food in stores anywhere.

Since September 7, 2021 is quite close, conspiracy theorists remembered the prophecy and one of them again reminds us that the next year of the Shmita will not be an easy one, that countries and nations will have to tighten their belts. What’s more, it could all begin as early as July 19, when the world experiences a stock market crash.

The stock market crash may be preceded by one very significant and somewhat epic event: the fall of a barge stuck in Niagara Falls 100 years ago.

The barge is a local landmark and appeared in the Falls in 1918 – the year of the Spanish pandemic and World War I. The official story of the barge’s appearance is about brave nahimovic sailors who, seeing the epic end looming directly ahead, opened the keystones and began scraping the bottom with their keels.

But according to some conspiracy the barge is really the global clock, counting the time between the first and the last World Wars, and now the time between the pandemics. So as soon as the barge rumbles off the waterfall, either the barge crash or the last pandemic wave or World War III, or all three pricks in one bottle, will happen.

How true the prophecy regarding July 19 is is hard for us to say, but as the rabbis write – the Mashiach must come in the first year after the year of the shmita. If he appears after the shemitah on September 21, 2028 – September 9, 2029, so far things are going according to such a scenario that in 2030 there will be no one on earth to save but cockroaches.

Thus, the Chinese comrades are already threatening Japan with a nuclear war, which has made the only country in the world that has a sad experience with nuclear weapons very angry: