Oncologist talks about early signs of colon cancer

An oncologist, Ph.D., told about the symptoms of colon cancer at an early stage.

According to the doctor, in the early stages the disease is rarely accompanied by specific symptoms and the patient often has no complaints.

At the same time, the doctor advises, a person should pay attention to discomfort in the abdomen, impaired stool and the appearance of various atypical discharge from the rectum.

“At the earliest stage, patients usually have no complaints at all. Prolonged blood loss that goes undetected can lead to iron deficiency and/or anemia, as well as fatigue, shortness of breath, and pale skin,” he added.

The oncologist also clarified that this type of cancer can be detected during screening studies of at-risk populations. In this regard, anyone over the age of 50 should necessarily perform a colonoscopy.