One person injured in a shooting in Prague

One person was injured as a result of a shooting in Belegradskaya Street in Prague. The Czech radio station iROZHLAS reported this on June 29.

An employee of the Labor Exchange, who is about 50 years old, was shot by an unknown assailant. At the moment the victim is in intensive care. According to a representative of the Prague Rescue Service, she has serious injuries.

The attacker is wanted. According to the available information, he is about 60 years old.

Earlier, on June 27, three people were killed in a shooting in Winthrop, Massachusetts, a U.S. suburb of Boston. It was noted that a man in a truck rammed into a building, and then began shooting. Among the dead were the shooter himself and a police officer. Another policeman was taken to the regional hospital for examination, he was not seriously injured.

Earlier, on June 26, a shooting was reported during the H Cup inter-district soccer tournament in Marseille. A car drove up to the outdoor La Marin stadium and the people sitting in it opened fire on the players. As a result of the incident, one person was killed and one was wounded.