Online anti-selfisolation rallies are held in Russian cities

The self-isolation regime introduced in Russian cities is being protested both in real life and online. The authors of dozens of comments in the “Yandex.Navigator” supplement are outraged by the actions of the authorities.

A number of Russian cities, including Moscow, on Monday, April 20, are holding virtual protests against the regime of self-isolation, introduced to combat the spread of coronavirus.

In the “Yandex.Navigator” application on the map in the center of the Russian capital there are many protest comments, such as “Well, at least that’s how to go to the rally. No to crooks and thieves!”, “All wages are on Putin’s account! At his personal expense!”, “We demand that Putin return our legitimate money!”, “We’re the authorities here,” reports DW.

Protests in other Russian cities

Residents of Rostov-on-Don organized an online rally near the regional government building; its participants demanded a state of emergency or payment of benefits, Vedomosti reported.

According to the newspaper, the dissatisfaction of Rostov citizens was caused by the fact that due to the regime of self-isolation, which has been in force in Rostov region since early April, those who suffered from the coronavirus pandemic and lost their jobs do not receive necessary social assistance. “How to pay the mortgage?”, “We want to eat, what to do?”, “Give me a chance to work!” – Such comments were left by dozens of users.

Collected comments with expressions of outrage and protest were also recorded in “Yandex.Navigator” near regional government buildings in Krasnoyarsk and Nizhny Novgorod.