Over 200 jailed men escaped from prison in Uganda

More than 200 dangerous prisoners escaped from prison in Uganda, killing one soldier. This was reported Thursday, September 17, by the Kenyan newspaper Nation.

According to the newspaper, prisoners escaped from jail in Moroto. On September 16, they attacked security guards, seized 15 rifles of ammunition and escaped, Uganda’s general prison commissioner Johnson Byabashaya said. A total of 219 people escaped.

The prisoners took off their yellow prison uniform and escaped naked to avoid detection. It is noted that the fugitives are hiding in the jungle. Army units arrived in the area to catch them. The operation is led by Brigadier General Flavia Bekwaso. He called for calm and vigilance on the part of the local population, writes the aif.ru website.

A prison in Moroto usually holds prisoners who have committed serious crimes. Three fugitives have now been apprehended and another one neutralized.