Over 360 people affected by flooding in a district of Germany

At least 362 people have been affected by the flooding in the region of Arweiler in the Rhineland-Palatinate in western Germany. The news was reported by Ak-Kurier on Friday, 16 July, citing police data in Koblenz.

As many as 62 people became victims of natural disasters. Law enforcers do not exclude that the number of dead and injured will increase.

Also in the area there is a difficult situation with the gas supply. The flooding has almost completely destroyed the local gas supply network and could take months to repair, a spokesman for the gas supplier Energienetze Mittelrhein told journalists on Friday. They noted that the gas distribution station in the region is now completely under water.

Earlier in the day, German Chancellor Angela Merkel held talks with the head of the flood-hit Rhineland-Palatinate region, Manu Dreyer, who briefed her on the situation in the areas and rescue efforts. The Chancellor assured the Prime Minister of the support of the federal authorities.

Heavy rains have continued in Germany since Monday, July 11, due to the action of Cyclone Bernd. The downpours have led to flooding. The number of victims of flooding in the country has already exceeded 100 people. Another 1.3 thousand citizens are still missing. In the Ministry of Defense of Germany declared a military disaster in the west of the country.