Over 50 people died in Turkey due to counterfeit alcohol poisoning

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At least 54 people have died as a result of counterfeit alcohol poisoning in Turkey. This was reported on Friday, October 16, Turkish TV channel NTV.

Deaths were recorded in 11 provinces of the country, including Izmir, Aydın and Tekirdağ.

On October 14 TV channel reported that during raids of law-enforcement agencies across the country more than 1.5 thousand bottles of counterfeit alcohol and more than 3.2 thousand liters of counterfeit drinks were seized.

The day before it was reported that 30 people died as a result of poisoning with counterfeit alcohol in Turkey. At the same time, it became known that police officers had discovered clandestine alcohol production in Mersin province. The liquid revealed a high methanol content, which caused the poisoning.