Over 90 dolphins were saved off Tasmania’s coast

At least 94 black dolphins ( grind) that were thrown into shallow waters off the west coast of Tasmania, Australia, have been rescued and released into the sea, the Financial Times reported Friday, September 25.

According to Tasmanian Park and Wildlife Service biologist Chris Carlayon, the number of grind shoots was a record for Tasmania, and experts are still trying to establish the cause of this behavior. As Carlayon noted, dolphins could have landed in search of food.

“There may be a chain reaction when one sick leader gets confused and sails into a shallow bay, taking other whales with him,” suggested researcher Olaf Meineke.

Animals can reach up to 7 m in length and weigh more than a ton, which makes the operation to rescue them difficult. However, the rescue effort will continue until the officers do their best, Carlaion added.

According to the publication, on Friday morning the local services specified the number of deaths due to the throwing of the Greeks on the shore, there were 350 of them.