Over the past year, Prince Harry and Megan Markle have proven themselves not to be the best

Save On Energy assessed the impact of senior members of the British royal family on the environment and made a disappointing conclusion: despite all its projects, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are at the very end of the eco-friendly list. Prince Harry and Megan Markle received only 18 points (nine for each). For example, Prince Charles has 156 points.

The queen’s eldest son headed the rating, and his wife Camille took second place: the pair has 240 points for two, which is no comparison with Sussex. Nevertheless, Prince Harry was praised for highlighting environmental issues in social networks, and his wife was praised for promoting sustainable fashion brands.

However, the spouses “were significantly less involved in charity and environmental activities” and left the third-largest carbon footprint among all the royalties reviewed. A trip to Africa in a private jet alone caused as much damage to nature as most Brits did in a year.

Prince Philip took third place, Kate Middleton – fourth, and Elizabeth II was on the fifth line. Prince William, who recently announced a major environmental award, was put on sixth place.