Paparazzi managed to capture the son of Kit Harington and Rose Leslie

“Game of Thrones” series stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie got married in June 2018, and last winter they celebrated the arrival of their firstborn son.

Now the actors’ son, whose name is still unknown, is five months old. Little is known about the details of the young family’s life – Kit and Rose are trying to avoid the attention of the press. However, photographers managed to capture the father with his son on a playground.

It is likely that at the moment, Kit Harrington is raising a child on their own, as his wife is currently involved in filming the upcoming HBO series “The Time Traveler’s Wife”.

Kit and Rose knew each other even before “Game of Thrones,” where they played a couple in love, but they became close on the set. It soon became clear that they are connected by something more than the script, and the actors decided not to part. Despite the fact that the relationship of their characters, Ygritte and Jon Snow, ended tragically, in real life Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are together for ten years and seem to be very happy.