Paris Hilton told about violence by former boyfriends

The heiress of the largest hotel chain in the world Hilton Hotels, actress and singer Paris Hilton said that she was repeatedly subjected to violence by her partners.

In her new documentary, This Is Paris, Hilton confessed that she had five relationships with men who allowed themselves to mock her.

“I have been beaten and strangled. I put up with something I shouldn’t have,” she quotes People as saying.

According to the actress, she learned to tolerate abuse as a teenager during her time at a boarding school where physical and psychological violence was used against the students.

However, despite all the failures in her relationship, Hilton met someone with whom she was happy. The girl’s chosen one was entrepreneur Carter Reum.

“I feel completely safe with him. I have learned a lot and managed to find a man who is perfect for me! – said Hilton.

In January, Hilton launched the Cooking with Paris culinary show on her YouTube channel.