Parking spaces for people of non-traditional orientation appeared in Germany

In the German city of Hanau, which is 24 kilometers east of Frankfurt, an underground parking lot has appeared where there are three parking spaces for members of the LGBT community. The Limburger Zeitung reported this on October 1.

This parking lot for gay, bisexual, transgender and migrant Hanauer Parkhaus GmbH (HPG) drivers is located in an underground garage in downtown Hanauer.

It is not yet known how the authorities plan to monitor whether drivers who leave their cars in designated areas are actually part LGBT or migrant. The cars will be recorded by a camera installed in the parking lot.

On September 19, it was reported that Swedish Ambassador Tobias Thyberg, Dutch Ambassador Jennes de Mol, and British Ambassador Melinda Simmons took part in an LGBT march in Kyiv.

According to Simmons, the LGBT community in Ukraine is very small and therefore needs support, and the presence of foreign ambassadors at the parade “is necessary for Ukrainians.