Parrots were planted in different cages in the zoo because they insulted the guests

In Lincolnshire Zoo in Great Britain, five jacot parrots were seated in different cages, which cursed each other and insulted the guests, and did it with a choir. The intruders’ names are Billy, Eric, Tyson, Jade and Elsie. In August, they joined a colony of 200 parrots and very soon began to argue dirty and insult each other, writes the BBC.

Zoo executive director Steve Nichols said that the parrots began to fight during the quarantine. In general, profanity parrots are common, but in his practice, there were five motherfuckers.

“At first, their swearing caused us to laugh, but then they began to laugh, and it went: one begins to swear, the others laugh, it turns him on even more, then the baton is intercepted by the next, and the flow of swearing and laughter pours just like in some working club,” – said Nichols.

The parrots were not going to stop and continued fighting after the lockdown, when the first visitors came to the zoo. In 20 minutes after the opening on the very first day the park workers were told that the parrots scolded the guests. And the most selective scolding resulted in young girls.

The behavior of parrots is more fun than insulting to the visitors, but the zoo workers were concerned about the meeting of cursing birds with children.

“All this seems to be very funny to our visitors and we have not had a single complaint. When a parrot sends you somewhere far away it really sounds very funny, but on weekends we have children’s excursions and we had to do something about it,” Nichols said.

Parrots were seated and settled with more polite congeners in the hope that they will learn good manners from them. So far, one can’t hear swearing at the zoo.