Passengers on an Estonian train complained about drunken NATO battalion soldiers

Passengers on an Estonian train have complained about drunken soldiers of a North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) battalion. The French soldiers behaved inappropriately, Latvian portal Delfi reported Wednesday, November 3.

As it was noted in the article, the day before the French soldiers were returning from their leave by Elron train from Tallinn to military town Tapa. According to witnesses, the French had too much alcohol and started vomiting in the aisles.

Elron spokeswoman Katrin Kulderknup confirmed the incident took place: “The service acted according to the requirements and the military police were waiting for the company at the Tapa station,” she said.

As the press service of the French unit explained to the portal, according to their information, only one of the soldiers had too much to drink and behaved inappropriately. Disciplinary action will be taken against the perpetrator and the team leader.

A NATO battalion group of about 1,200 troops has been stationed at the Tapa military camp since April 2017. It is led by the United Kingdom. Military personnel from France and Denmark also serve there, rotating among themselves.

This is not the first incident with NATO soldiers in Estonia. On June 6, six British soldiers were detained by police and taken off the train in the town of Jõgeva, near the Estonian-Russian border, for drunkenness and disorderly conduct. According to eyewitnesses, the soldiers were intoxicated.

In May, there was a fight between NATO soldiers and local residents in the town of Tapa. In particular, British soldiers were seen in the scuffle.

Another incident occurred in January 2020. At that time, a member of NATO forces stationed in Estonia started a brawl in one of the SPA centers in Tallinn: a man attacked one of the employees of the center.