Passerby injured in midtown Manhattan shooting

A bystander was wounded in a shooting in New York City. The incident occurred near the intersection of 7th Avenue and 31st Street near Penn Station. It was reported by the Metropolitan Police Department on Monday, August 23.

According to the department, two men who did not know each other had an argument at the train station, when one asked the other to share a meal with him, and when the other refused, he pulled out his gun and began shooting. As a result, a man walking by was shot in the leg on his way to a train in New Jersey. He is hospitalized and is not life-threatening.

Penn Station is one of New York City’s largest transportation hubs and is about a 10-minute walk from one of the city’s major tourist attractions, Times Square.

On August 1, a laundromat shooting occurred in the Queens, New York area, injuring five people. The suspects arrived on mopeds, opened fire on the laundromat and the sidewalk in front of it, and then fled the scene.