Patricia Millarde, star of “Octopus”, died.

French actress Patricia Millarde, star of the Italian detective series “Octopus”, died at the age of 64. This was reported on her blog by journalist David Maggio.

It is specified that the actress died in the Roman Hospital of San Camillo from heart failure on April 13.

Millarde was born March 24, 1957 in France, in the commune of Mont-de-Marsan. Her film debut took place in 1980 in the film “Rat Running”. In 1990, the actress moved to Italy.

During her career, the actress has played in more than thirty films and series in France, Italy, Germany, USA, including “Hélène and the guys”, “Hot Chocolate”, “Terrorist Hunter. The greatest popularity in Europe and the Soviet Union, she brought the role of judge Sylvia Conti in the television series “Sprut”, which tells about the fight of Italian law enforcement and judicial authorities against corruption and the Sicilian mafia, where she played from the fourth to tenth seasons.