Pelosi blamed Trump for the coronavirus crisis

U.S. President Donald Trump in his inaction on the Coronavirus pandemic has created a crisis with the spread of the disease in the country, said speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi stressed that Trump’s statements about the pandemic, as well as the fact that he started wearing a medical mask, show that the president admitted his mistakes.

“He put on the mask and admitted that this is not a hoax, but a pandemic that will get worse before it gets better because of his inaction,” she told CNN July 21.

Pelosi added that if the president had called on people to wear medical masks and maintain social distance a few months ago, more people would have listened to him.

In her opinion, Trump’s wrong reaction to the coronavirus has led to the deaths of thousands of Americans.

“Let’s hope that the President will come closer to understanding the reality of this pandemic, this ‘Trump virus’,” the speaker stressed.

Earlier Trump said that the situation with the Coronavirus pandemic in the country is likely to deteriorate. At the same time, he stressed that the mortality rate from complications of coronavirus in the country continues to decline.