Pelosi called to listen to scientists and ignore Trump during the pandemic

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi advised to listen to scientists on the COVID-19 pandemic and ignore President Donald Trump’s statements on the development of the epidemiological situation in the country. She said this on Tuesday, April 14, in an official press release on her website.

“The truth is that from now on, Americans must ignore the lies and start listening to scientists and other respected professionals to protect themselves and their loved ones,” the politician said.

Pelosi cited a number of theses condemning President Donald Trump’s actions against the Coronavirus pandemic. Thus, she said, the American leader was warned about the danger of the epidemic back in January, but he has taken insufficient measures to prevent the spread of the disease, reports “

At the same time Pelosi noted that only 1% of the U.S. residents were tested for coronavirus infection, despite Trump’s statements. She also explained that at present U.S. medical institutions continue to experience problems due to lack of equipment, personal protective equipment and a sufficient number of tests for COVID-19.

“The truth is that a weak man, a bad leader, takes no responsibility. The weak man blames others,” Pelosi summed up, referring to the American leader.