Pelosi criticized the White House for sending ventilators to Russia

Nancy Pelosi called it inappropriate to transfer American artificial lung ventilation (AVL) devices to Russia. She presented her position on CNN.

According to Pelosi, it is unacceptable to supply Russia with $5 million worth of ventilators free of charge. Moscow may well pay for them, she said.

On May 18, the White House announced its intention to supply Russia with 200 ventilators. The day before U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the shipment of TRS devices and medical equipment for COVID-19 detection to Russia. He noted that Washington is happy to help Moscow fight this disease and sending the equipment is one example of bilateral cooperation.

U.S. readiness to help fight the coronavirus was expressed by U.S. leader Donald Trump in a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on May 7.

In late March, two special boards with medical equipment and personal protective equipment were sent to the U.S. from Russia. Washington paid half the cost of the humanitarian cargo and the second half was paid by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). Trump thanked Moscow and called the gesture of help very nice.