Pence praised Pelosi for tearing apart Donald Trump’s speech


Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, who tore the sheets of paper with the speech of U.S. President Donald Trump, behaved inappropriately and disgraced the ceremony. This was stated by Vice President Mike PenceĀ  in a conversation with Fox News.

“It was an affront to the dignity of the joint meeting of the two chambers of Congress, and that is how it will remain in the memory,” said the Republican. In his opinion, it was the lowest act by Pelosi. According to Pence, the Americans see this pettiness.

“I am convinced that Pelosi will be the last speaker of the House of Representatives to sit in this chair for a long time,” he stressed confidence in the Republicans’ chances in the November elections.

On February 4, Trump delivered his annual State of the Union Address in which he outlined his vision for the United States and the world. At the end of his speech, congressmen stood up and applauded him.

At that moment, Pelosi, who had a copy of Trump’s message on her desk, stood up and tore the sheets apart.

In December, Trump called Pelosi crazy and accused her of intending to delay the impeachment procedure in the Senate.

In autumn, Democrats in the U.S. began the evidence-gathering process to announce the impeachment of Trump. They accuse a Republican of putting pressure on Ukraine to discredit his potential rival in the 2020 presidential election from Democrats Joe Biden.

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