Penguins can communicate even in deep water (video)

Penguins are cute creatures, and they’re also great swimmers and divers. On earth, these nonflying birds are pretty eloquent. But here’s how they communicate under water, the researchers didn’t know before. Mainly due to technical difficulties – these sea birds dive to a depth of 500 meters to find prey: squid or fish. And now scientists at the University of Nelson Mandela (South Africa) have installed micro-recorders on the backs of penguins of different species to follow their underwater life.

After processing the records, they found that most (73%) of the vocalizations were in the lower phase of the dive. Most often (over 50%), penguins made sounds when they were chasing their prey or when they were caught. It should be noted that different species of these nonflying birds used their voices underwater in different situations: African – when swimming or baiting their prey together, and sub-Antarctic – when gathering in groups.

How penguins manage to make sounds from deep water remains to be seen by researchers. Because the deeper, the higher the pressure.

About 5-7 seconds into the video (above), when a penguin plans to grab his prey, he makes a soun