Pentagon confirms attack on Iraqi air base

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confirmed the attack on an Air Force base in Iraq and said that no U.S. servicemen were hurt. It was said in his statement of March 3.

“We can confirm that El Asad Air Force Base in Iraq was under missile attack early this morning. Preliminary indications are that approximately ten missiles were launched from a point east of the base,” the statement said.

Kirby added that anti-missile, artillery and other components of the base’s defenses were used to repel the attack.

There were no reports of wounded U.S. servicemen, he said. At the same time, a U.S. citizen, a contract worker, had a heart attack at the hideout, after which he died.

A Pentagon spokesman said the United States can’t yet say who was responsible for the attack, but Iraqi authorities are investigating and the Americans are ready to help them.

Earlier, on March 3, it was reported that the Ain al-Assad military base in the Iraqi province of Anbar was hit by a rocket attack. The base is being used by international coalition forces led by the United States. According to the Al Jazeera TV channel, 10 missiles fell near the military base.