Pentagon criticized C-400 testing in Turkey

Turkey should not deploy Russian C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, which spoils Ankara-Washington relations, Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said, commenting on their tests.

He reminded that USA has always been against acquisition of Russian air defense systems by Turkey and the tests of complexes that passed on October 16 threaten Ankara with new consequences.

“We are concerned about reports that Turkey is putting it into operation. It should not be taken into service. It is fraught with serious consequences for our security relations”, – Hoffmann says.

Pentagon spokesman said the U.S. has already excluded Turkey from its fifth-generation F-35 fighter program, and C-400 continues to hinder relations in other areas as well.

Earlier on Friday, Morgan Ortegus, the head of the U.S. State Department’s press office, said that the U.S. side intends to condemn Turkey’s C-400 exercises.

On October 16 it became known that “Triumph” bought from Russia – C-400 – was tested for the first time at drills. Launches of three missiles were performed and all of them successfully hit the designated targets.

Deliveries of Russian С-400 SAM systems to Ankara started in the middle of June 2019 despite protests of Washington.