Pentagon denied information about interception of Iranian tanker in the Gulf of Oman

The Pentagon has denied the information about the US Navy’s attempt to intercept the oil cargo on board the Iranian tanker in the Gulf of Oman. The spokesman for the U.S. military department, John Kirby, said this on Wednesday, November 3.

“These allegations are completely false and untrue. The U.S. Navy has not made any attempt to intercept anything,” the U.S. Defense Department spokesman said.

He said the United States Navy detected an illegal infiltration and seizure of a merchant ship by Iranian forces in the international waters of the Gulf of Oman on Oct. 24.

Earlier on November 3, the Iranian media reported that the US warships of the Fifth Fleet stopped a tanker of the Islamic Republic in order to transfer the export oil to another vessel. The U.S. military used several attack helicopters and ships in the attack.

On the same day, video footage was released of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps forces preventing the U.S. military from intercepting the cargo of the republic’s oil tanker.

Sources in Washington denied the Iranian version of events. As they told AP, Tehran did not provide the name of the ship or any explanation as to why the U.S. Navy allegedly tried to seize the ship carrying Iranian oil.

According to Rasul Goudarzi, an expert on Iran and Latin America, the incident in the Gulf of Oman could turn into a disaster if either side makes a mistake. For the United States and Iran, which are still trying unsuccessfully to negotiate a nuclear agreement, the incident would not reflect well on the negotiations.