Pentagon may send National Guard to D.C. to enforce order

The Pentagon is considering Washington’s request to send the National Guard to D.C. to ensure law and order during the sentencing of a former police officer accused of killing African-American George Floyd. WHDH reported this on Monday, April 19, citing U.S. Rep. John Kirby.

“I’m aware of the National Guard’s request from the District of Columbia, it does exist. The Army is currently looking into it,” John Kirby said.

A Pentagon spokesman, however, declined to comment on additional details about the request.

On April 15, it became known that since Monday, April 19, New York police officers will work 12 hours a day due to an increased risk of riots.

It is specified that the cancellation of the extended hours will be decided on the basis of the current situation. Police officers are also prohibited from taking leave until September.