Pentagon uses Musk and other representatives of “private space” for its purposes

Elon Musk allowed Pentagon to consider using Starlink communication satellites for military purposes. According to Dmitry Konanykhin, a former engineer of the rocket and space refueling system, Mask “has long been called up for military service.

The head of the corporation Krasekh Elon Musk said on May 26 that the Pentagon is considering the possibility of using Starlink communication satellites for its purposes.

The expert noted that in September last year the Commander of the U.S. Space Forces, General John William J. Raymond in his address at a conference of the Air Force Association noted that the Pentagon “is the breadwinner and sponsor” of “private space”. By the way, in December 2018, the Pentagon won a $28.7 million contract with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory. According to the contract, the company Musk has agreed to cooperate with the Pentagon, “linking” civilian orbiting satellites and aircraft of the U.S. Air Force, as well as ground stations.

It turns out that already then it was assumed that the Starlink satellites will be integrated into the latest specialized control system of modern combat. The U.S. is doing everything possible to get the opportunity to dominate space, for which it intends to use the system of satellites.

Konanykhin also suggested that Ilon Musk was a “bright wrapper” for the tabloids. The Pentagon intends to adapt the advanced technologies of “private individuals” for militarization of space.

“These are normal Star Wars,” their next stage. The Americans have pressed the pedal as much as possible to overtake Russia and China in this direction,” the expert stressed.