People complain that they are aging fast. Another effect of speeding up time?

According to the eschatology of at least two of the world’s major religions, the end of the world will be accompanied by a time-acceleration effect. And such effects have been observed by people everywhere for more than a decade. However, so far, it seems that no one has particularly considered the question of the effect of time acceleration on biology – that is, does it somehow change the biological age?

As far as I can tell, based on information from various sources, age seems to be changing; people are aging faster. So, one gentleman on one of the forums today reports the following:

Have you noticed that everyone around you has aged strangely fast over the past few years? Especially people’s hair has turned grey all of a sudden. I watched a video of David Cantabery on YouTube four years ago – a good-looking middle-aged man who does herbs. Now I rewatch his new video from last week and there’s some old guy muttering something. So fast and only four years?! And the same thing has happened to me, to a lot of people I know – people have changed beyond recognition. Who else was paying attention?

One of the answers: You’re right, man! Two people I know have gone completely gray in the last couple of years. One person I know must have suffered a lot from depression before all this crap, so I just thought these last 2 years were probably pretty tough for him!

At first glance it all seems like the usual GLP chatter, however, we’ve been doing some research on the subject here and it turns out – the ladies were the first to sound the alarm, long before the conspiracy theorists. So, in February 2021, one of the women’s magazines wrote the following:

You are sitting in a video chat, looking at your companions, and suddenly you look at yourself in the video, showing you from a new angle. And then you think, “Oh! Why is my skin around my eyes feeling like paper?” Or you get up from your desk to maybe finally get a drink of water today, and then suddenly you wonder, “Since when do my knees look like 80-year-olds?” And later, when you’re rushing to the store to go shopping, you forget your wallet and wonder, “What has become of my memory!”

If this sounds familiar, welcome to the club! Many of us, including the InStyle Editorial staff, are asking this question, and we’ve even been in a tight circle here recently discussing why we feel we’ve aged at least two or three years during a pandemic that is currently only about 11 months old. So, we got some answers….