People in Ukraine started to sell gift certificates in pre-trial detention centers

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The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has launched gift certificates for the services of paid cameras in pre-trial detention facilities. This was announced on Facebook by Head of Department Denys Malyuska on Friday, July 24.

According to the minister, such a certificate will be an excellent birthday present for an official, judge or politician.

You can buy the certificate in a special section on the website of the agency. To do this, you need to choose the isolator, the paid term, pay for the service and print the certificate and the receipt.

The certificate has a validity period of six months. If you have not used the service during this time, the paid amount is credited as a charity contribution to the selected isolation ward, wrote Malyuska.

Paid cells with improved conditions of detention appeared in Ukrainian pre-trial detention centers in late May. Now they are in detention centers of ten cities. Malyuska explained the appearance of such service by the need to replenish the budget. He also said that this removes corruption factor in the distribution of seats: those who want to pay a fixed amount to the budget will not pay a bribe.