People who are more passionate about celebrity life have lower intelligence levels

Hungarian scientists selected more than 1,700 volunteers for a questionnaire to determine the correlation between a person’s cognitive abilities and their obsession with celebrities and rich people. The results of the study were published in the BMC Journal of Psychology.

The participants were asked to take several online tests. In the first survey, volunteers were asked to take a series of tests that determined the subject’s level of intelligence. The tasks included vocabulary tests, as well as tests that measured the participant’s so-called “agile intelligence.”

In another survey, scientists identified the extent of a person’s involvement in the lives of celebrities and wealthy people. The participants, according to the results of the survey, were divided into three groups according to their degree of obsession. The first group is the most innocuous – those people who discuss celebrities, for example, in the circle of friends and only. The second, whose degree has been dubbed intense-personality, involves obsessions about celebrities. The third group includes a pathological attachment to the lives of favorite actors or singers.

Participants in the third group were found to have a much lower level of intelligence compared to other participants.