Phoebe Bridgers has recorded a cover of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters

American singer Phoebe Bridgers has released a cover of the song Nothing Else Matters by rock band Metallica – her version of the composition will be included in a special album. The singer admitted that she was inspired by Billy Eilish’s manner.

Phoebe’s Nothing Else Matters is to be included on The Metallica Blacklist, a compilation of Metallica’s most famous hits. Miley Cyrus, St.Vincent, Weezer and Jay Balvin also contributed to the album.

Phoebe said in an interview that her cover is reminiscent of baroque music – the singer’s version is very different from the original. But fans noted that the cover is just as good as the band’s hit.

“James Hatfield is always jumping from one octave to another and doing things that I’m not capable of. I sang the track like Billy Eilish, my version is very different from the original.”

Phoebe also said she’s always been a big Metallica fan. The girl had been listening to the band since her childhood and still admires their music. The album, which will include the track, is scheduled for release on September 10.