Physicists managed to accelerate a light beam above the speed of light

American physicists have managed to exceed the speed of light by sending light pulses inside hot plasma.

As experts from the University of Rochester in New York and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California were able to prove that the speed of light is not a constant, which means that three hundred thousand kilometers per second – not the maximum speed in the universe, as commonly believed. The scientists found this out by using a pulsed laser, which they used to bounce electrons off the flow of helium and hydrogen ions of the light stream. As a result, the pulsed laser increased the group velocity of the light pulses.

“It is generally accepted that there is an absolute speed limit in the universe, related to the speed limit of electromagnetic waves in a vacuum. But we proved that 300 thousand kilometers per second – this is not the limit, “- say the researchers from the United States.

Conducted by physicists experiment is interesting not only in the theoretical plane, but also to understand the nature of superpower lasers. Such laser installations can be used in particle gas pedals, as well as in thermonuclear reactors, which will allow receiving huge amounts of energy without harming the environment.