Physics scientists described a new state of matter in a quantum gas

Physicists from the United States have created a quantum analogue of Archimedes screw, moving clusters of atoms of gas in the higher energy states. Article on the subject appeared in Science.

Not so long ago, scientists have confirmed the existence of the so-called quantum scars – caused by quantum chaos instabilities present in complex quantum systems. Now Stanford University researchers were able to create a quantum scar in a quantum gas for the first time, aided by magnetism created in a laboratory environment.

“Quantum scars are a rare condition that can be observed in a chaotic quantum system, where particles repeat their own tracks like people walking the same routes. Quantum scars are of particular interest to science because their study can lead to new quantum systems for real-world applications,” says Benjamin Lev, associate professor of applied physics and physics at Stanford’s School of Humanities and Sciences.

The new state of matter obtained by American physicists in the quantum gas existed under conditions of magnetism that affected the Tonks-Girardeau supergas. The discovery came as a surprise to scientists, who are now confident that they have approached a breakthrough in quantum physics.