Pigs were “hired” at Amsterdam airport

At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol employed 20 pigs from local farms. The duties of the new “employees” include scaring geese away from planes. This is reported on the website of RTL Nieuws.

The animals have changed their location and now graze on the fields between the runways instead of staying on the farms. These fields used to be planted with beets, which the geese would fly in to smell. They, like all birds, pose a danger to airplanes as they take off and land.

Now the personnel of the airport hope that the situation with geese will be improved by 20 pigs, which will scare away the birds all day long. In addition to the pigs, this task is performed by special controllers who use flares and a laser for this purpose. In addition, to scare the birds away, certain types of grass, which are not to the liking of these birds, have been planted on the airport grounds.