Pilot died in a helicopter crash in the south of New Zealand

In the south of New Zealand in the region of Otago a small helicopter crashed, as a result of the accident one person was killed, reports Staff on September 16 referring to the management of civil aviation of the country.

It is noted that the helicopter, presumably, was heading from Milton to the town of Alexandra, but stopped communicating at about 05:30 local time.

An hour later, police and emergency services began searching for the helicopter. The pilot was the only person on board the aircraft and he died before rescue workers arrived.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand, the weather conditions during the flight were satisfactory. Causes and circumstances of the crash are being investigated.

On September 13, an Israeli single-engine plane crashed near the Greek island of Samos. There were two people – a pilot and a passenger – on board the plane. Presumably, they both died.