Pipelayer for “Nord Stream – 2” anchored near Kaliningrad

Russian pipelayer Akademik Chersky, which is considered capable of completing the construction of Nord Stream 2, moored near Kaliningrad. According to Marine Traffic’s traffic control systems on Sunday, May 3, it is located in the Gulf of Gdansk near the Russian city.

On the eve it became known that “Academician Chersky” had approached the Danish island of Bornholm. The vessel was located in the Baltic Sea in Denmark’s exclusive economic zone. That is where the unfinished section of the gas pipeline runs.

Russian pipelayer went out of Nakhodka in February. Throughout the entire voyage, Akademik Chersky repeatedly changed its route, supposedly in order not to fall under U.S. sanctions. Thus, initially the vessel was going to Singapore, but did not go to the port and headed for Sri Lanka.

On April 26, the vessel “Academician Chersky” changed its direction and headed towards Kaliningrad. Arrival was expected on July 1.