Pisces Horoscope 2021 ♓

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For representatives of the zodiac sign Pisces, the horoscope for 2021 promises a bright and wonderful time. Sun and Mars, the main patrons of this cycle, will not affect Pisces with their attention. Fortunately, the Moon and Pluto, antagonists of the period, will also bypass you. And although the positions of these planets will determine the general situation on Earth, specifically for your life will be in charge of Jupiter and Venus, the manager and activator of Pisces respectively. Unfortunately, the position of Mercury, which is responsible for both the limitation and the decline of your signatures, will be reinforced by the position of Pluto, and that will present some financial difficulties. That is why the stars do not recommend taking risks. Beware of major investments other than the most obvious. Now you shouldn’t take your word for it even with your close friends, not because they might cheat, but because the circumstances are not in your favor. Nevertheless, this year will be a positive one, you will at least get what you want, and in the field of personal relationships you are waiting for a pleasant change.

The beginning of 2021, up to mid spring, may seem quite boring to Pisces. There are many events to be expected. All the time something will happen in your life, but you will not be touched by all these peripetias. This is the background, while your innermost thoughts will be directed to something else. The stars make it difficult to give specific advice, but if you go to work with your head, it will definitely help. In addition, it makes sense to impress the leadership now. In the future, this will certainly play into your hands, although almost no one knows about the reshuffles that are being prepared. For those Pisces who have their own business, the heavenly patrons have also saved a couple of surprises, but not all at once! In the sphere of personal relations, spend as much time as possible for your family. Then there will be no such opportunity, because the issues of other life directions will require attention. At some point, it may seem that you are being watched. Stop and at any rate find your unexpected patron. And remember the general trends of the cycle – no tricks, only honest, straightforward movement forward, based on your own skills and belief in success.

The second part of 2021, from the second decade of April to the second decade of July, will be ideal for Pisces in many ways. Pisces is a hard-working and fairly calm sign that will be able to smoothly, without jerks and jerks, to overcome all obstacles. Others won’t be able to do it, and you will decide for yourself whether to help them by slowing down their own progress, or go so far away that no one will catch up with you. Personal issues will smoothly fall into the background. You will have enough time and energy to focus on achieving the desired material values. Pisces no one will stop, except you. In general, circumstances will change quite quickly, so there is no need to get used to new friends, conditions and tactics. Only your professionalism and love for the work you do will remain intact. If this is not the case, everything will be unpredictable. At this point, as well as at the beginning of the year, do not let sadness guide your actions.

The second half of summer and early autumn of 2021 will bring new trials to representatives of the zodiac sign Pisces. However, what is happening will be in joy. And this period will be interesting because you are waiting for an important acquaintance. It may concern either personal relationships or business. You will know exactly what we are talking about as soon as it happens. The stars advise you not to wait for a gift from fate, but to take everything into your own hands. If your friends call you to rest on the weekends with tents in the woods, you should agree. If the company’s management arranges a teambuilding event – this is your chance. If you suddenly decide to go somewhere with your family, you can’t think of a better option. And the main thing is that for this period you can well plan a vacation, and it will be a definitely successful decision. In the working direction, all events will fit into a common paradigm of what is happening, so nothing will surprise you. The main thing is to avoid risky decisions and not to shift the responsibility to others. In the area of personal relationships, your mark may require a little more tenacity than usual. Perhaps the stars will set a small test to see if you are ready to move to the next level. The period is ideal for creative individuals who have been waiting for time to get their ideas out of the world. Surprisingly, it is in the cycle of events that you will finally manage to do it!

In the final of 2021 Pisces will have a lot to worry about, but do not take what is happening to heart. First of all, you will not meet with situations that you can not overcome. The patron of 2021, the White Bull, will not give anyone offended by the circumstances. Secondly, if you are in doubt about something, deal with the situation immediately. Do not let the case on its own, otherwise you risk getting confused in the growing tangle of events. Third, it’s the best time to speak directly, once and for all solving all the controversial issues. This is a really good time to establish relationships and business partnerships, which the horoscope recommends you to do. In the final, you will get the good news and an unexpected outcome. In a difficult situation it will be useful to consult with your family. Dear Pisces, don’t forget that sometimes a kind smile is enough for conflict resolution, and in the end everything will surely turn out as it should.