Plane hijacked in Mexico crashed in Guatemala, with a cargo of drugs

The Guatemalan Ministry of Defense announced the crash of a business class aircraft Hawker 800, which had previously been hijacked in Mexico to fly to Venezuela, on the border with Mexico. This was reported by Prensa Libre with reference to a representative of the spokesman for the Ministry of Defense Juan Carlos de Paz on Wednesday, September 23.

According to the report, the plane crashed half an hour after entering the airspace of Guatemala.

The plane took off from Cuernavaca International Airport in the Mexican state of Morelos. Hawker 800 PYZ made a stop at Venezuelan airport in the state of Sulia, where it spent two hours, then headed back and crashed when landing on the border with Mexico.

At the time of the accident, he performed landing maneuvers on a secret runway in the area of the community of Santa Marta Salinas in El Quiché department. At the crash site, in addition to two unidentified bodies, drug packs and weapons were found.

On September 22 it was reported that in Peruvian region Ayacucho special operation of law-enforcement officers was completed, as a result of which caches with 433 kg of cocaine were found. Landing unit of national police participated in the raid together with forces of public prosecutor’s office for fight against drug traffic.