Plane made a forced landing in Japan due to passenger’s refusal to wear a mask

Japanese low-coster Peach Aviation made a forced landing because one of the passengers refused to wear a protective mask, as required by the rules of flight safety during the coronavirus pandemic. This was reported by The Japan Times on Wednesday, September 9.

The incident took place on Monday. The plane was flying from Kushiro Airport in Hokkaido to Osaka on Honshu Island. Before takeoff, flight attendants asked everyone to wear masks, and already during the flight it turned out that one of the passengers refused to comply with this order.

After the repeated request, the man began screaming, and his neighbors refused to sit next to him. The ship’s commander considered the passenger’s behavior to be a threat and decided to sit down at Niigata airport.

As a result, the “rebel” was taken off the plane, after which the liner continued its flight with a 2 hour 15 minute delay. There were about 124 people on board.

The WestJet aircraft returned to the airport of departure in February after the passenger claimed to have a coronavirus. As it turned out, the man’s statement turned out to be a joke.