Poimo inflatable electric bike fits into backpack

Japanese engineers brought the idea of portable electric vehicles to a level that is unlikely to be surpassed by anyone else. They created an inflatable electric bike. Delivering from an ordinary backpack and pumping it up in a minute, the Poimo owner, as the developers assure, can “quickly get there” from the subway to work or home. It will be exactly faster than on foot.

Poimo is a prototype of an inflatable electric bike, developed by specialists of Tokyo University. Its body consists of thermoplastic polyurethane. In about a minute, it takes the right shape with a pump – both stable and comfortable for the seat (the developers specify a pressure of 40 – 50 kPa, which is not much – soccer balls inflate twice as hard).

Finally, you can install hard elements – wheels, brushless engine, battery and wireless controller integrated into the handlebars. The total weight is 5.5 kg, the inflatable structure weighs only 2.3 kg. Engineers hope the bike can be lightweight – after all, it’s just a prototype, writes New Atlas.

The developers aren’t giving out other technical details like power reserve or Poimo cruising speed, but they are telling us that they’ve already tested it and that users – and especially their children – have enjoyed the ride.