Poland has imposed a maximum fine on Gazprom for Nord Stream – 2

The Polish Competition and Consumer Protection Authority (UOKiK, Urząd Ochrony Konkurencji i Konsumentów) fined Gazprom 213 million PLN, equivalent to € 50 million, according to a report from the competition authority

The reason for imposing such a large fine was Gazprom’s refusal to provide UOKiK with the data requested by the regulator on contracts concluded by its “daughter” Nord Stream – 2 with European companies financing the construction of the Nord Stream – 2 gas pipeline. In November 2019, the French company Engie was fined 172 million PLN for “persistent and unjustified refusal” to provide the requested documents regarding its participation in the Nord Stream – 2 construction project. At the time, UOKiK called the fine the largest in its history, but Gazprom was required to pay even more.

“Despite the legal obligation to cooperate with the chairman of UOKiK, the company did not provide the necessary information, also after the case was initiated in May due to lack of cooperation, which should have been a warning signal for the company. In my opinion, this was an intentional act, the purpose of which was to interfere with the proceedings. Therefore, it was decided to impose a fine on Gazprom in the amount of almost PLN 213 million. This is the maximum penalty stipulated by law for failure to provide information at the request of the UOKiK chairman, which is equivalent to € 50 million,” said the head of UOKiK, Tomasz Kristny.

The UOKiK report notes that Gazprom did not intend to transfer the requested data to Poland for the transfer, distribution, sale, supply and storage of gas. The Polish regulator considers the proof of this to be the fact that “Gazprom” did not apply for the transfer of relevant information to the Russian Ministry of Energy.