Poland offered Germany an alternative to “Nord Stream – 2”

Polish gas pipeline Baltic Pipe may become a replacement for Germany in case of Nord Stream 2 implementation stoppage. This was announced on Wednesday, September 9, by the Polish government spokesman Piotr Mueller on the air of “Polish Television”.

The construction of Baltic Pipe is planned to be completed by October 2022, the gas pipeline should connect the fields in the North Sea with Poland via Denmark.

“If such needs are declared on the German side, Poland is open to use the infrastructure it builds for its own energy security,” Muller said.

According to the government spokesman, “Nord Stream 2” contradicts the idea of European solidarity and energy security. He emphasized that Poland is in favor of unambiguous solidarity of European countries in this issue.

On the eve, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the decision on “Nord Stream – 2” in the situation around the Russian blogger and opposition activist Alexei Navalny will not be German, but all-European.

Discussions about the future of JV-2 resumed after Berlin, citing the military doctors, said on September 2 that Navalny had allegedly been poisoned with a substance from the group of poisonous warfare agents called “Novichok.

Head of the opposition German party Catherine Goering-Eckardt said that the political forces are demanding from the German government to stop the implementation of “Nord Stream – 2”.

The next day, Merkel called on the Russian authorities to investigate the situation with Navalny and noted that she was not condemning it.

Later, on September 7, US President Donald Trump said he supported stopping the project because of the situation with the Russian citizen.

The Kremlin said that “Nord Stream – 2” is more of a commercial international project and there are no grounds for sanctions against it at the moment, as well as reasons to consider them.