Poland said about possible EU sanctions against Belarus because of migrants

The European Union may impose additional sanctions against Belarus because of the influx of migrants in Lithuania. This was stated by Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau to the news agency PAP.

“If the procedure for attracting migrants, we can say, commercial tourists from different places of the world, will continue, I think, not only Poland, but all the EU countries will get convinced of the idea to impose additional sanctions against Minsk. This is an attack on the common borders of the EU in an absolutely organized way,” he says, Forsal.pl.

Rau also notes that Belarus is engaged in this business, acting as a “travel agency,” which organizes the process from boarding the plane to crossing the EU border, reports “Gazeta.ru. In addition, the Polish minister called these actions complex and cynical.

“The discussion on this subject has begun. So far, no one has questioned the legitimacy of the possible sanctions,” concluded the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry.

Earlier, July 12, EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell said that the Council of the European Union was ready to consider new sanctions against Minsk in response to the increased flow of migrants to Lithuania through Belarus.

Prior to that, Lithuania urged the EU to impose new sanctions against Belarus and accused Minsk of having organized illegal trafficking of migrants from Asia into the country. Then Vilnius reported that the number of illegal migrants coming to Lithuania from Belarus increased 22 times.

In early July, Latvia beefed up security on its border with Belarus because of the large number of migrants arriving in neighboring Lithuania. Andrei Rogozin, head of the Latvian border guard, said that both asylum seekers and fighters could enter the country.

At the same time, Lithuanian authorities declared an extreme situation at the state level because of the influx of illegal migrants from the territory of Belarus.