Poland will ban abortions on the grounds of fetal abnormalities from January 27

A ban on abortion for reasons not endangering the life and health of the mother will come into force in Poland on January 27. This is reported by the Polish Press Agency.

The Constitutional Court issued a decision to this effect in October, and on January 27, the court issued a written justification of its verdict.

The ban will be published Wednesday in the government’s official gazette and will take effect upon publication.

Abortion will now only be allowed in Poland in two cases – if the pregnancy threatens the life and health of the mother, or if the child was conceived as a result of sexual abuse of a woman or incest.

At the end of November, a series of protests against the ban on abortions took place in Poland. About 100,000 people turned out for the rally in Warsaw.

The campaign for a total ban on abortions has been gaining momentum in Poland since 2016.